TOXPAND Stakeholder Mapping Process:

To accelerate target company mapping and nurture strategies, TOXPAND will provide all ‘Buying Committee’ contact details based on campaign parameters agreed upon prior to launch for all leads generated up until that point once we hit around the 75% mark of our campaign. At the end of the campaign, remaining stakeholder contacts will be delivered.

Our process is the following:

1. Identify all the companies we have generated leads from.

2. After the pre-opt-in contacts go through final quality control checks, TOXPAND pass in standard lead delivery file.

3. dentify individuals for each company that did not opt-in during email deployments.


These contacts are pre-opt-in, which means that they have not engaged with content and cannot be put into an automated sequence.

Must be worked on a 1-to-1 basis.

TOXPAND recommends your sales team to start crafting 1-to-1 emails, LinkedIn messages, and phone calls to start warming and educating these stakeholder leads on your solutions.

Detailed Steps:

1. Client provides campaign parameters prior to launch (Titles, Industries, TALs, etc...).

2. TOXPAND confirms available universe of available contacts within our database to engage with for the campaign.

3. TOXPAND begins email deployments to generate leads.

4. At 75% of lead delivery, identify all companies we have generated leads during the specific campaign.

5. Based on company and/or departmental size, identify and research up to 5 individuals that match campaign parameters but did not opt-in to content.