Turn Your Content Syndication into a Revenue Generator

Fill your pipeline with B2B leads without taking on financial risk using content syndication backed by a budget-protection contract.

Learn how we provide a risk-free path to driving marketing revenue

If you’re not happy with the results of your campaign, you don’t pay

You will be sent a one question survey at the end of each campaign, “Were you satisfied with your campaign?"

Mark “Yes” and we move forward with driving pipeline. Mark “No” and we part ways without invoicing you for the campaign.

What Makes toxpand Campaigns Stand Apart

Real opt-in leads

We use targeted 1:1 email campaigns to generate opt-ins from your ICP and a strict QC process to ensure leads meet your exact criteria

Cost-effective CPLs

Your leads will be generated in-house, never purchased from another vendor. Buy right from the source and avoid a price markup on the leads you purchase

Intent targeting

The TOXPAND AI uses keyword matching to identify people with an interest in your solution. This targeting is layered over all of your campaigns

Additional Stakeholders

Get up to 5 additional members of the buying committee identified and passed along with each lead at no extra cost